Free E Book Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio

Free E Book Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio

Free E Book Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio
Free E Book Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio

Free E Book Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio

Author(s): Jack Purdum, Dennis Kidder
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics, Year: 2014
ISBN: 0071834052,9780071834056


Boost your HAM radio capabilities with the low-cost ARDUINO MICROCONERLER dashboards!
Do you want to increase the functionality and value of an important radio without spending much money? This book will show you how! Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio is packed with micro-step-by-step microcontroller projects that you can accomplish on your own - no programming experience required.

After setting up on the Arduino board, veteran HAM radio operators Jack Purdum (W8TEE) and Dennis Kidder (W6DQ) start with a simple LCD screen and move on to projects that can add hundreds of dollars of upgrades to existing equipment. This practical guide provides detailed instructions, helpful diagrams, parts lists, low-cost suppliers, and hardware and software advice that makes building your equipment more fun. Downloadable code for all projects in the book is also available.

Do-it-yourself projects include:

LCD shield
Station timer
Meter for general purpose plate
Fake payload and watts per meter
CW automatic keyer
Decode Morse code
CW encoder for ps2 keyboard
Global relay shield
Flexible sequence
Rotor control
Directional watt and SWR meter
Simple frequency counter
Portable solar source


The microcontrollers are controlled everywhere, from the car you drive to the wash A machine that makes you look good to work. Most importantly, they appear in Transmitters, receivers, switches, antenna analyzers and other devices we use as pork radio staff. 
This book has two primary goals: 1) to provide some microcontroller-based The projects we hope you will find both enjoyable and useful, and 2) To show you how easy it is It is to use these devices in projects of your own design. You will also find out soon, microcontrollers Easy to use and brings a lot to the feature table in a very attractive way Price point.

Why do I buy this book?

First, we think there is a sufficient variety of projects in this book at least many of them I must appeal to you. Projects result in pieces of equipment that are equally useful Inexpensive cabin to build compared to its commercial counterparts. Not only This is, but we are quite sure that many of you will get the "uh ha" moment where you can think about it Extensions, or possibly new ones. If so, we hope you share your thoughts on our site website.

Finally, upon completing this book, we feel confident that you will have a better understanding
About everything about the microcontroller and how easy it is to write a program that increases Energy.

For all these reasons, we hope you read the book from start to finish. In the same vein, we are
We assume there is no urgency on your part to read this book. Take your time and enjoy the ride.

Errata and help

This book has been viewed by Dennis, Jack, Beta Tester, and dozens of McGraw-Hill editors
Cover to cover in every attempt to make this book perfect. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts by everyone Of these people, there must be some hiccups along the way. Also, Jack does not admit it He has world power in software development and Dennis does not assume he is besieged The market is on great hardware design. With the emergence of hiccups, we will be publishing the required solutions in The web. 

McGraw-Hill maintains a website ( You can download the symbol in this book and read any errors that may arise. instead of Type the code from the book, which must be downloaded from the McGraw-Hill website.

 From that way, You know that you have the most recent version of the program. Likewise, if you thought you found it Wrong, please visit the website and publish your discovery.

We will maintain our website as well. this is A website,, will act as a clearing house for the project's hardware Program improvements, new ideas and projects, and questions

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