Free E Book Arduino and LEGO Projects

Free E Book Arduino and LEGO Projects

Free E Book Arduino and LEGO Projects
Free E Book Arduino and LEGO Projects

Author(s): Jon Lazar (auth.)
Publisher: Apress, Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4302-4929-0,978-1-4302-4930-6


We all know how amazing LEGO is, and more and more people are discovering how many amazing things you can do with Arduino. In Arduino and LEGO projects, John Lazar shows you how to combine two of the coolest things on the planet to make fun gadgets like Magic Lantern RF reader, LEGO music box with sensors and even the Arduino-controlled LEGO train set.

Know that SNOT is really cool (this means the buttons aren't on top)
See detailed explanations and photos of how everything fit together
Learn how Arduino fits with every project, including code and explanations
Whether you want to impress your friends, annoy your cat, or just relax and enjoy the splendor of your creativity, Arduino and LEGO Projects show you what you need and how to put it together.


For 80 years, the LEGO series has produced a set of building games for children to enjoy. As technology advanced, they areIt introduced some interactive components that were limited in different ways.

Arduino is an open source controller that allows interaction with all different electronic formats
Devices and sensors. It allows many creative projects that can be controlled by a small device,
Low power computer.

By combining these two resilient systems, countless projects can be built that can do almost anything - the only ones The limit is your imagination.

For many years, LEGO has produced its own computer-based system known as Mindstorms.
 I gave the computer brain To the LEGO plastic bricks that had been around for decades. While Mindstorms has advanced in 15 years since It was introduced, and was still limited based on the size of the LEGO Intelligent Brick and the available sensors and Motors. 

An alternative to using LEGO Mindstorms is the Arduino microprocessor, which is the small computer that can make it Use any electrical components with some programming.

Arduino input Arduino (as shown in Figure 1-1) is an open source controller that allows programming and interactivity.

Programmed in C / C ++ with the Arduino library to allow it to access devices. This allows for more flexibility Programmability and ability to use any electronics that can interact with Arduino.
Because Arduino Open source, circuit plans are freely available online for anyone wishing to use and create their own plans Based on the blueprints, as long as they share what they create.

This allows a lot of customization in projects, Since people have built Arduinos with different sizes, shapes, and energy levels to control their projects

What you will learn

LEGO SNOT technology (studs not on top) for seamless LEGO projects
How to integrate sensors into your LEGO projects
Use Arduino to control motors in LEGO projects
How to create your own Crystal Ball RF reader
How to make an LEGO TARDIS animated game from Arduino
for whom is this book
Both LEGO and Arduino fans, and anyone interested in creating fun and unique tools with LEGO and Arduino.

Table of contents

LEGO, Arduino, and The Ultimate Machine
Using sensors with Android
Pet Twitter
RFID crystal ball
Move the TARDIS
Control LEGO trains with Arduino

Building a light sensitive box

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