E Book Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide

E Book Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide

E Book Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide
E Book Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide

Author(s): Maik Schmidt
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf, Year: 2012
ISBN: 1937785041, 9781937785048


Raspberry Pi: The Quick Start Guide gives you everything you need to get and run Raspberry Pi and do great things. You will start by getting to know the additional devices you need and how to connect them, install Debian Linux and configure it according to your needs, customize the PI firmware to get the most out of your devices, then the fun begins. 
Pi will connect to your home network and attempt to browse the web and tweet messages. You will learn how to make the most of Midori, the standard Pi browser. Then in a few simple steps, you'll transform Pi into a kiosk system that displays Twitter direct search information. You will also learn how to control desktop computers on other computers in your home using Pi, and once you have the basics finished, you will discover the versatility of Pi with a series of home projects. Convert it to a web server in your home network. Transform Pi into a powerful multimedia center so you can watch HD video and listen to your favorite music. Play classic video games. Then use GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi to create electronic projects like "out of memory" alarm, and learn how to access the project using a web browser. Power to me!


Over the past decades, computers have become cheaper and cheaper, even today You can find it not only under your desk but in almost every consumer An electronic device such as smartphones or DVD players. 
Still, computers Not so cheap that you automatically buy one when shopping grocery shop. 

Usually, you plan carefully for the next computer, because you have to use it For a few years.
Computers like Raspberry Pi will change the whole situation in near future. 
Raspberry Pi, or Pi in short, is a complete desktop computer It costs only 35 dollars. You can connect it directly to the internet, and it is able to Show HD videos. It also runs Linux, so you don't have to pay For the operating system. This makes Pi probably the first get rid of it
Computer in history.

Originally, the Raspberry1 Foundation Build a Pi to teach children how to do this The program, so it's not surprising that Pi is an excellent device for Exactly this. Moreover, you can use Pi for many other features Interesting things. For example, you can convert it to a multimedia center, use As a cheap but powerful web server, or play some classic games.
Pi is also a great machine for trying electronics. On the other hand For many precision control panels like Arduino, Pi manages A complete operating system, and you can choose from a wide range of programming languages ​​to execute your projects. 
With cheap and compact devices like Raspberry Pi, a new era of presence is everywhere
Computing has started, and you can be a part of it. This book helps you get up To speed up quickly.

Who should read this book?

This book is for everyone who wants to start Raspberry Pi. Even if you have some experience with other computers, you will see quickly That Bi differs in many ways, and this book helps you avoid The most common pitfalls.

You can choose from a variety of operating systems for Pi, but this book Focus on Debian Linux, because it's the most convenient option For beginners. If you haven't worked
with Linux before, you should start with Appendix 1, Linux Guide, on page 101. Even if you've worked with Linux Before, you can still learn a few things, because running Linux on Pi is
In some ways different.

Of course, you will get the most out of this book if you have Raspberry Pi and Follow all examples of the book closely.

What is in this book?

Raspberry Pi does not come with a user guide, but in this book Learn step-by-step how to get the most out of your mini PC quickly.

You will learn not only how Pi devices work in principle but also how To run different operating systems and use Pi for special purposes such as And convert it to a multimedia center.

Here is a list of all the things you'll learn:

• The book starts with an introduction to the Raspberry Pi. You will learn what Pi connectors are and what additional devices are You need to start Pi for the first time.

• After all necessary devices have been connected to the Pi, you need Operating System. Although Pi is a fairly small project, you can actually Choose from many, and you will learn what their pros and cons are.

Installing an OS to Pi is completely different from installing OS on a regular computer. So, you will learn how to get Debian Linux runs on Pi.

• Debian Linux works well out of the box on the Pi, but to get the most out From this, you need to modify some configuration parameters. For example, it is Handy for setting the correct layout for your keyboard. Additionally, I will Learn how to install, update, and remove new software.
Pi devices, especially graphics devices, are special for many devices With Regards. Depending on which screen you use, you should adjust some of them Low-level settings for Pi firmware. You will learn what the settings are Available and how to solve most common firmware problems.
To find out what can be achieved with Pi with minimal effort, you will Convert it to a kiosk system. It will be able to display a set of static slides In addition to information directly from the Internet.

• Up to this point, you have been using Pi more or less in isolation, but you will be using it now
Learn how to integrate them with networks. You will use Pi for every day Tasks like surfing the web will make it secure via Secure Shell, and you will convert it to a full web server. 
Also, I will Learn how to share your Pi desktop with a computer, and vice versa.

• With the XBMC project, you can convert Raspberry Pi to multimedia Center with ease. 
Not only can you show your photo collections Friends are in your living room, but you can also play music in all popular places Formats, and you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows highly Definition of.

• The Raspberry team originally built Pi for educational purposes, however You can use it easily to play some fun games. Nevertheless Some sniping games can be played from a first-person perspective, you may prefer some classic games Genres such as interactive fiction, pointing and clicking adventures.
One of the greatest advantages Pi has on regular computers is GPIO Pins. 
In the last chapter of the book, you will learn how to use it easily Attach your electronics projects to Pi.

• The appendix contains a short introduction to Linux. If you have not Worked with Linux before, you should read the plugin before starting With Chapter 3, Composition of Raspbian, on page 21.

Where can I get Raspberry Pi and additional devices?

At the time of this writing, only two distributors were producing and selling Raspberry Pi. To purchase Pi, visit Farnell2's web stores Or RS.3 components These stores also sell many accessories like power supplies and keyboards Mice, and so on, to my. Adafruit 4

 It also sells useful accessories.

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