E Book PIC Robotics: A Beginner’s Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PICmicro

PIC Robotics: A Beginner’s Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PICmicro

E Book PIC Robotics: A Beginner’s Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PICmicro
E Book PIC Robotics: A Beginner’s Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PICmicro

Author(s): John Iovine
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics, Year: 2004
ISBN: 0071373241,9780071373241,9780071394550


PIC Robotics is everything a robotics guy needs to harness the power of PICMicro MCU! In this intensely illustrated resource, author John Iovine presents plans and complete parts lists for 11 easy-to-build robots each with a PICMicro brain. The expertly written coverage of PIC Basic makes programming fast and fun.


This is a project book on building small robots. Each robot uses PICmicro A series of microcontrollers from Microchip Technologies Inc. For intelligence, navigation, motor control and sensory readings. By changing the microcontroller Programming and sensory electronics We can create a robotics zoo that includes Photographs, behavior-based (neurotransmitter) robots, hexagonal and pedestrian units
Artificial vision systems that can track and track objects. Every robot project has something to teach.

Robotic intelligence

The robotic projects described in this book are widely used in the PIC series Microchip Technology Inc. controller In addition to its ability to Run programs, with a microcontroller that contains input and output lines (pins) It is used to control engine operating systems, sensor reading and communication. 
 We order a lot of microcontroller, so it is important for you to have a good one  What is the microcontroller from the beginning.

What is a microcontroller?

The microcontroller is basically an inexpensive computer. Not connected Chip means the entire computer system is within the limits of a piece of Silicon coated inside an integrated circuit plastic shell.
The The microcontroller has features similar to those on a standard PC.

The micro controller contains the central processing unit (CPU) and RAM (random) Memory Access), Serial and / I / O (Serial Input / Output) Lines Parallel ports, timers, and sometimes other embedded peripherals such as analog digital converters (A / D) and digital digital converters (D / A). 
The main feature, However, it is the microcontroller's ability to load, store and operate a program.

Why use a microcontroller?

Since they are inexpensive single computers, it is easy to include microcontrollers In electronic circuit designs are greater. Its ability to store and run unique programs makes it extremely versatile. For example, one can program a Controller for making decisions and performing positions based 
on situations (Logic line I / O) and events. The functions of mathematics and logic allow the microcontroller to imitate complex logic and electronic circuits. 

Programs can also make the microcontroller behave like a neural network And / or fuzzy logic controller. Micro controllers are integrated into the consumer Electronics is responsible for the "intelligence" of these smart electronics Devices.

Designed computers - a lot of microcontrollers

There is a large variety of microcontrollers on the market. we will use Versatile controller chips called PIC chips (or PICmicro chips) from Wafer Technology Ltd.

The translator There are a number of translators on the market that allow users to write programs (code) in different high-level languages. High level language frees up Programmer from wrestling and controlling microcontroller records when writing code and accessing various aspects of microcontroller and memory features.

The high-level language I use is derived from the primary language. it's a Called PicBasic. (Collectors use PicBasic and PicBasic Pro to write PicBasic Software are products and brands of microEngineering Labs,Inc.)

PicBasic is similar to the PBasic language used in programming Basic Stamp Series. Program the microcontrollers directly using PicBasic (or PicBasic Pro) translator offers two main advantages over Basic Microcontroller seal series that use external serial EEPROM's Memory cache, faster program execution speed (20 to 100x increase), And reduce the cost.

PIC programming overview PIC microcontroller programming is a simple three-step process: 
write Code, compile code, and load code in a microcontroller. nextProcess overview; Stepbystep instructions will be provided The following chapters.

Software and hardware

You will need two elements to start programming and creating projects that rely on the microcontroller and robotics. The first is the compiler, either PicBasic Pro or PicBasic translator (see Figure 1.1).
PicBasic Pro is translated from Price of MicroEngineering Labs, Inc. Suggested price is $ 249.95.

The PicBasic translator from MicroEngineering Labs, Inc. On a suggested retail sale Price $ 99.95.

In addition to an interpreter you need to program EPIC Board and software. This package is sold for $ 59.95 (see Figure 1.2). (EPIC is Product and trademark of microEngineering Labs, Inc.)

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