E Book Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux pdf

E Book  Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux

E Book  Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux
E Book  Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux

Author(s): Peter Membrey, David Hows (auth.)
Publisher: Apress, Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4302-4821-7,978-1-4302-4822-4


Learn that Raspberry Pi with Linux will tell you everything you need to know about the graphical user interface and command line in Raspberry Pi so you can start doing amazing things. You will learn how to setup the new Raspberry Pi using a screen, keyboard 
and mouse, and you will discover that what may seem unfamiliar in Linux is really familiar. You will discover how to connect to the Internet, change desktop settings, and get a tour of the installed applications.

Next, you'll take your first steps toward becoming a Raspberry Pi expert by knowing how to navigate the Linux command line. You will learn about the different shells, including the shells and commands that will make you a really powerful user.

Finally, you will learn how to create the first Raspberry Pi projects:

Create a Pi web server: Run LAMP on your own network Make your own Pi Pi: remove all cables and keep all functions Make a Raspberry Pi-based security camera and cameras: 
find out who's falling next to you Create a Media Center Pi: ​​Stream videos and music from your Pi Raspberry PI is great, which is Linux. It is great for Linux. But if you've never used Linux before or worked on the Linux command line before, it can be a little tricky. 

Raspberry Pi is a great mini pc with a lot of potential. And knowing that Raspberry Pi with Linux can be your first step in unlocking that potential.


Although it looks like something grandma will bake on Sunday afternoon or make noise that would make people Glow and raspberry, Raspberry Pi is actually a computer. Maybe you know a lot (though, to be honest, The name and logo don't do much) but Raspberry Pi promises more. much more than that.

The distinguished Commodore 64 was released in 1982, and with sales reaching 17 million, this is often done The computer is considered the best selling ever. More importantly (at least in my view), this was my first the computer. For Christmas, just before my ninth birthday (when C64 was almost a decade old) I received the new Model (C64C), which was identical to the classic machine in all cosmetics. Everything arrived and commented on Beautiful new 14-inch TV (it even has a remote!).
I suspect that my father has hatched what he believes to be Most cunning plan, If he could sneak up and put everything while I was sleeping, come on Christmas morning,  I would So busy playing with computer that my parents may get an extra few minutes of sleep.

Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan. Although everything is set up, and despite the TV Set on the computer signal, one simple but main thing was forgotten: no one could have said that Me how to download a game already.  Needless to say, the lie wasn't coming. 
Games came on cassette. This was before CDs, and at least on the C64 it should run in a special tape The registrar is called a dataset. (What do you mean what is a CD?) Unfortunately
the dataset spent more time in the store Getting attached to my computer, and since 
it's the only way to load anything on it, I had no choice but to turn on Myself with the evidence. 

I got used to the big impact and taught myself how to program good old BASIC (all beginners)

The purpose of symbolic code - can you believe that I already remembered it?).

Why do you eat raspberry pi?

Whatever way you look, you will return to the price. Whatever anything else is Raspberry Pi and anything else The promises hidden by us are all interesting because of the price. There are two types of people who willHurry to get a Pi. 

The first group has already discovered Linux and computing, and for them it represents Pi
A server in the pocket and a cheap server in it. You no longer need a full-sized computer monster that consumes electricity Generate enough heat to rival a heater bar. Oh sure, you can get low power systems in nice shiny boxes, however They are still not very cheap to buy, even if they are cheaper to operate. However, a device like Pi is cheap to operate Cheap price, and only has what you need to build a very respectable server.

If you are not one of these people, do not worry because this book is for you. You like the idea of ​​a little cold A computer for $ 35, and you think you can do some cool stuff with it, You are not really sure how. For us, the big benefit is that Pi is at a price we can buy just for 
fun and use Experimentation. It will not replace a family computer and you will not need to take a mortgage to purchase One. You can play with Pi without feeling completely guilty and try all kinds of strange and interesting things without You should worry about the cost or the destruction of the main computer (thus incurring the anger of everyone you live with).

Since Pi is close enough to a regular computer (though the build is a little different), you can do the type of computer Things with it. In fact, this is the first thing we show you in this book. We don't have to start from scratch. all of that You already know that you can apply for Pi (it's rhyming if you say that too quickly) and so you can hit the ground.

No doubt you will need to do all the things the first group of people wanted to do as well. Fear not, we have you Covered - As you put together this book, you'll be able to do all that and more! There are many reasons why everyone should now rush to get some Pi. In fact at the time of writing this report, There is still a three-week deadline for delivery, and when Pi was initially released, a seller took over 100,000 pre-orders in just one day. There is a lot of Pi! Although the time limit will continue to change naturally, it is short The version is that the faster you order, the more your Pi will get! So why all this attention? What is so special in Raspberry Pi that it even accomplished almost a cult  The following has been kept for months?

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