E Book Electronics Projects For Dummies

E Book Electronics Projects For Dummies

E Book Electronics Projects For Dummies
E Book Electronics Projects For Dummies

Author(s): Earl Boysen, Nancy C. Muir
Series: For dummies
Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2006
ISBN: 9780470009680,0470009683


These projects are fun to build and fun to use Have the lights dance to music, play with a wireless remote control, or build your own metal detector Who said that the science fair should end? If you like building tools, this book belongs to your radar. Here are complete directions for building ten great creations that include light, sound, or vibrations - strange microphone, remote controls, talking games, and more, with complete parts and instrument menus, safety tips, and wiring diagrams.

Check out ten awesome e-projects, including:

Chapter 8 - Browsing Radio Waves (How to Create Your Own Radio)
Chapter 9 - Scary Pumpkins (crazy Halloween decorations that contain sound, light, and movement)
 Chapter 12 - Hit Paydirt with the Electronic Metal Detector (project that can pay for itself)

Find out how :

  1. Handle electronic components safely
  2. Read the circuit diagram
  3. Troubleshoot circuitry using a multi-device
  4. Building tools that work with light
  5. Set up the motion detector
  6. Converting electromagnetic waves into sound
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If you find a bug in electronics, you are ready to try out all kinds of projects that will help you develop your skills while creating exotic and cool gadgets. This is the topic of this book: 

Delivering fun projects And an interesting plus to help you know all kinds of electronic devices Circuits and components.

Electronics projects for Dummies are a great way to break into electronics or Expand your electronics horizons. Here, we present projects that allow you Get involved with sound slides, motion detectors, light effects, and more. And All projects are low voltage, so if you follow our safety advice, no electronic person will be harmed in this process.

Why buy this book?

Electronics projects not only help you create useful and fun tools, they also help you It acquires a lot of knowledge along the way about how the various electronic parts Work, how to read a circuit diagram, and how to use tools such as welding Irons and multiple irons. So using this book, you can have fun and have some Knowledge at the same time.

This book provides you with what you need to start the world of fun Electronics. It offers projects that you can build with a reasonable amount Time - in most cases, for as little as $ 100 each (some are much less!).

Foolish assumptions

This book assumes that you have an interest in electronics and that you have Maybe discover the world of electricity and electronics a little. Maybe you have scanned a few electronics circuit websites and maybe a magazine or two And I picked up some terms. Other than that, you only need a small budget to buy parts and tools, and a little space in your home A house or apartment you can allocate to the workbench, and a little time.

If you would like more information on terminology and concepts in electronics to help you, we recommend Electronics For Dummies, by Gordon Macomb and Earl Poison (Wiley).

You don't need to be an electrical engineer or have worked in electronic projects in the past. We offer some initial chapters to help you store Essential parts and tools, understand what everyone is doing, and prepare for it Safety, and mastery of some simple skills. Then you are ready to deal with any one Projects in this book.

How is this book organized?

Electronics projects for dolls are organized in several parts, starting from With some general information about safety and storage of your electronic devices Workshop. 

Then we present several parts with different types of projects, and Finally close with chapters on tens with additional resources for you You may want to explore. This book also contains a picture spread out in full color Some departments and final products for many projects.

Here is a summary of how this book is organized.

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