E Book The electronic packaging handbook

E Book  The electronic packaging handbook

E Book  The electronic packaging handbook
E Book  The electronic packaging handbook

Author(s): Glenn R. Blackwell
Series: Electronics handbook series
Publisher: CRC Press :, IEEE Press, Year: 2000
ISBN: 9780849385919,0-8493-8591-1


This book is a highly recommended reference for all mechanical engineers (and I assume some electrical engineers) are working on packaging.

 The book covers many topics in sufficient detail so that the engineer can have a good thorough understanding of everything from: - PCB design, planning and manufacture - Fundamentals of components including IC - EMC issues - Communication problems - Reliability - Testing However, the book I will not replace hands-on experience as the detailed areas of typical manufacturing issues are very weak. In particular, you will not get basic mechanical store information related to design and processing materials.

 This means that this book will not replace the accurate knowledge of the type of basic machines covered in the good old "machine manual". Analyzes related to mechanical problems such as FEA and CAD are not covered, as the book is somewhat weak in the thermal section and does not contain anything about optical fiber design or MEMs / MOEMs. These areas must be addressed in future releases to keep them updated.

This book contains information obtained from very original and well-known sources. Reprinted material is quoted with So, references are made. A variety of references are listed. A reasonable effort was made to post Reliable data and information, but the author and publisher cannot take responsibility for the correctness of all material Or about the consequences of its use.

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The electronic packing guide is for engineers and technicians involved in design, Manufacture and testing of electronic assemblies.
The booklet covers a range of applied technologies The concepts necessary to allow the user to take reasonable steps to reach a specific goal.

The user is encouraged to follow concurrent engineering steps, which take into account aspects of design, Manufacturing and testing during the project and / or product design stage.

Each chapter starts with an introduction that includes where else? Section. Because 
the threads  guide is interactive, and this section directs the reader of a particular chapter to other chapters The booklet sections where similar issues are discussed.

The electronic packing guide is the latest in a series of major electrical / electronic 
engineering Brochures from CRC Press, including many that are published jointly with IEEE Press:

  • Electronics brochure, Jerry C. Whitaker
  • Electrical Engineering Handbook, 2nd edition,  Richard C. Dorf
  • Directory of Circuits and Filters, YKai Chen
  • Control Manual, William S. Devine
  • Mobile Communications Manual, Jerry D. Gibson
  •  Handbook of Transitions and Applications, Alexander Polaricas

This booklet covers a subset of the topics found in Whitaker's The Electronics
 Handbook, and This topic is covered in more detail in this guide, with coverage limited to only Topics directly related to electronics packaging. Electronics packaging still 
includes expansion And  the development of topics and technologies, where the demand for smaller, faster and lighter products continues Without signs of dilution. These demands mean that individuals are in every area of ​​specialization concerned In electronics packaging, such as electronic, mechanical and thermal designers, and manufacturing Test engineers, each dependent on each other's knowledge. This booklet will help each group In understanding other areas.


The introductory chapters of this booklet aim to provide an overview of topics Project management, quality, and surface for installation technology in general.
 After that  the seasons Provide more detailed information on the topics needed to design, manufacture and test

Electronic Product Packaging:

1. Basics of the design process
2. Surface mounting technology
3. Integrated circuit packages
4. Attach the chip directly
5. Circuit boards
6. EMC and printed circuit boards design
7. Hybrid assemblies
8. Connects
9. Design for testing
10. Adhesive material and its applications
11. Thermal management
12. The test
13. Inspection
14. Package / Enclosure
15. Electronics package reliability and failure analysis
16. Product safety and third party certification

The last two chapters cover reliability and failure analysis issues, which are necessary to understand both Failure mechanisms, as well as failure product analysis and safety issues to consider For any product intended for sale to companies or public consumers.

The catalog is complete and was developed by the authors of the chapter. This indicator will be of great value to The reader defines areas of the book that cover topics of interest.

This booklet represents a multi-year effort by the authors. It is hoped that both reader

Benefit and learn from their work.

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