E Book Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters Projects for the Electronics Experimenter

E Book Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters: Projects for the Electronics Experimenter

E Book Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters Projects for the Electronics Experimenter
E Book Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters Projects for the Electronics Experimenter

Author(s): Rudolf F. Graf Professional Technical Writer, William Sheets
Publisher: Newnes, Year: 2001
ISBN: 9780750672443,0750672447


Rudolf Graf and William Shits wrote a book containing twenty LP transmission projects, ideal for electronics hobbyists and radio experts. Now that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has changed its regulations on "pirate" broadcasts, more and more people are creating radio and video stations for broadcasting from their homes.
Building your own low-power transmitters handles amateur broadcast applications of AM, SSB, TV, FM stereo and NBFM VHF-UHF signals with equipment that a reader can build in thousands of dollars less than similar equipment sold in the retail market.

 The authors also fully explore the legal limits and implications of using the equipment as well as how to get the best performance to the optimum extent. The main advantage is to consult a low cost source for all required parts, including printed circuit board, as well as the kit. 

Projects in the book include:

 LP FM stereo transmitter; 
Digitally mounted stereo PLL FM transmitter;
LP AM transmitter for 150-1710 KHz;
Wireless transmitter / receiver; 
Carriers, AM and FM receivers;
LP VHF unidirectional and two-way audio links; 1W 40M CW transmitter for use of important radio; SSB LP transmitter for important 10 meter radio use; 2 meters VHF FM ham radio transmitter;
FM video link for NTSC / PAL operation 900MHz;    2W NTSC / PAL TV transmitters for amateurs 440, 900 and 1300MHz;
Linear amplifier to operate 440MHz, 10-15W NTSC / PAL;
Bottom converters for 440, 900, and 1300MHz with VHF 3 or 4 channel output;
TV video reception systems and AM-FM IF systems; LP video link for UHF 14-18 channels; 1W CW Beacon Radio Transmitter for Part 15 LF; CW transmitter identifier; Test equipment projects for LP transmitters;
In addition to an RF power meter and adjustment device.
Full source information will be included to help each reader find the combinations and parts they need to build these cool projects. Unique among similar project books, this book offers a low-cost source for all parts, including PCBs. This allows for instant completion without having to search for hard-to-find parts featuring twenty low-power transmission projects.


Your low-power transmitters are written to meet the need for detailed details, Project-oriented information related to low energy design and construction Transmitters. Writing this text included a meticulous combination of details and instructions to successfully complete and  play 20 low-power audio and video Transmission projects. Amateurs, technicians,
and amateur and general radio operator Radio fans of all skill levels will find this book useful. However, the content It was primarily designed with the needs of medium to advanced wireless electronics Technicians and experimenters in mind. To successfully complete projects,
Some experience is assumed by the experimenter. Project areas covered Includes wireless circuits and digital technologies. Computer board construction is used to a large extent With some surface mounting when necessary. A few projects, too Using microcontrollers.

This book contains details on creating audio and video transmitters operating at frequencies from 150 kHz to 1300 MHz for the operation of Part 15 and Junior Use the amateur class. It includes many low-power AM and FM audio transmitters, From simple and separate designs to complex PLL complex types.

This book also It offers chapters on the AM broadcast radio transmitter tuned at a frequency 
of 150-1710 2 kHz, two FM transmitter designs for 88-108 MHz stereo playback, using digital PLL readings, microprocessor control, and multiple low power (0.5-2 W) Television transmitters covering the 440, 900 and 1300 MHz amateur bands, the data transmitter and receiver, and a chapter on video reception techniques for the special frequencies used.

Other coverage includes a simple low-power CW transmitter and identification circuits
Antennas, and run information. Many projects are of a type that is not seen as Articles published. It includes modern circuit technologies, such as PLL synthesis and the use of microprocessors. All projects use standard parts that have been completed Thoroughly tested, with PC Panel layouts given for most projects as well Partitions, file data, and full setup information. Suitable components Attachments to many projects are available in groups of the source mentioned in the book. These kits include all the necessary parts and engraved and engraved computer boards. 
This convenience simplifies the purchase of parts and ensures proper performance of each project.
We also discuss legal limits and ramifications for equipment and offer suggestions and advice for getting the best out of projects.

Much has been done to make this book an effective and project-oriented tool For practical learning about successfully building low-power transmitters. we hope You will enjoy reading the fruits of our business and working on projects received Within.

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