Free E Book Fundamentals of Power Electronics book for instructors

Free E Book Fundamentals of Power Electronics book for instructors

Author(s): Robert W. Erickson

Publisher: Springer, Year: 1997
ISBN: 9780412085413,0412085410


New textbook on Power Electronics Transformers. this book Intended for use in introductory electronics courses Graduate level and first year. It is also meant to be a Source for professionals in the power and power electronics Conversion and analog electronics. It emphasizes Basic concepts of power electronics, including average Modeling PWM converters and converter basics Circuits, electronics, control systems, magnetism, low harmonic rates and resonators.


● Chapter 1. Introduction 98 KB
Part one: Transformers in balance
● Chapter 2. Principles of a static state transformer analysis of 126 KB
● Chapter 3. Modeling circuits, losses, and equivalent efficiency of a fixed state 98 KB
● Chapter 4. Achieving a 201 KB switch
● Chapter 5. 96 kb continuous connection mode
● Chapter 6. Converter Circuits 283 KB
Part 2: Converter dynamics and control
● Chapter 7. Modeling the equivalent circuit AC 422kB
● Chapter 8. Converter Conversion Functions
● Chapter 9. 365 KB control design
● Chapter 10. Modeling of AC and DC DC parity mode
● Chapter 11. Current programmed mode: 236 KB
Part 3: Magnetism
● Chapter 12. Basic Magnet Theory 196 KB
● Chapter 13. 67kB filter inductor design
● Chapter 14. Design of Transformers 175 KB
Part Four: Modern Inverters and Power Systems Harmonics
● Chapter 15. Power and Harmonics in Non-X System 91 KB
● Chapter 16. The rectifier is a 130 KB line switch
● Chapter 17. The ideal rate is 235 KB
● Chapter 18. Rate and harmonic modeling is low
Part 5: Resonance converters
● Chapter 19. Ringing Conversion 325 KB
● Chapter 20. Semi resonant transformers 177 KB
● Appendix 1. RMS values ​​for 26KB common waveforms
● Appendix 2. Magnetic design tables 26 KB
● Appendix 3. Medium Switch Modeling for CCM SEPIC 41kB

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