Free Book Learning Image Processing with OpenCV

Learning Image Processing with OpenCV

Free Book Learning Image Processing with OpenCV
Free Book Learning Image Processing with OpenCV

Author(s): Gloria Bueno Garcia, Oscar Deniz Suarez, Jose Luis Espinosa Aranda, Jesus Salido Tercero, Ismael Serrano Gracia
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2015
ISBN: 1783287659,9781783287659

Take advantage of the great features of OpenCV to create powerful image-processing applications with easy-to-follow examples.

About this book 

Learn how to create complete image processing applications using free tools and libraries Take advantage of the advanced image processing functions included in OpenCV v3 Understanding and improving various features of OpenCV with the help of easy-to-understand examples of this book
If you are a professional C ++ programmer and want to know about image processing tricks using OpenCV, then this book is for you. A basic understanding of image manipulation is required.

in detail

OpenCV, arguably the most widely used computer vision library, includes hundreds of ready-to-use imaging and vision functions and is used in both academia and companies.

This book provides an example tour of OpenCV's main image processing algorithms. Starting with exploring library installation, where the library structure is covered and the basics of photo / video reading / writing, you'll dive into the image filtering and color-handling features of OpenCV with LUTs. Technologies such as inpainting and disoising to improve images as well as HDR imaging will then be introduced. Finally, you'll master GPU-based acceleration. At the end of this book, you will be able to easily create smart and powerful image processing apps! All topics are described with short, easy-to-follow examples.

Chapter 1: Image and video file processing 1

Introduction to OpenCV 1
Download and install OpenCV 2
Get a compiler and set CMake 4
Configure OpenCV using CMake 4
Collection and installation of the library 7
OpenCV 8 architecture
Create user projects using OpenCV 10
General use of the library 10
New Enterprise Development Tools 11
Create OpenCV C ++ using Qt Creator 13
Reading and writing image files 14
Basic API concepts 14
Supported image formats 17
Example code 18
Reading image files 19
Event Handling in Core Episode 21
Writing image files 22
Reading and writing video files 22
Example code 22
User Interaction Tools 24
Tracking bars 27
Mouse interaction 28
Buttons 29
Draw and display text 30
Abstract 32

Chapter Two: Creating Image Processing Tools 33

Basic data types 33
Pixel Level 36 Access
Time measurement 37
Joint operations with pictures 37
Mathematical operations 38
Data stability 43
Charts 45
Example code 47
Example code 51
Summary 55

Chapter Three: Correcting and Improving Images 57

Filter photos 58
Smoothing 58
Example code 60
Sharpening 61
Example code 63
Work with pyramids of images 65
Gauss Pyramids 65
The La Plasia Pyramids 66
Example code 66
Morphological processes 69
Example code 71
Lot 72
Example code 73
Engineering Transitions 74
Avene turned 75
Scaling 76
Translation 77
Rotate the image 79
Declension 81
Reflection, 83
Perspective turned 86
Inpainting 88
Example code 89
Shrinking 94
Example code 95
Abstract 97

Chapter Four: Treatment Color 99

99 color spaces
Conversion between color spaces (cvtColor) 100
RGB 100
Gray degrees 103
YCrCb 108
HSV 110
HLS 114
CIE L * a * b * 116
CIE L * u * v * 118
Bayer 120
Fragmentation-based color space 122
HSV 123 segmentation
Hash YCrCb 125
Color transfer 126
Example code 127
Abstract 129

Chapter Five: Image Processing for Video 131

Install video 132
Resolution of 141
Stitching 149
Abstract 164
Chapter Six: Computer Imaging 165
High Dynamic Range images 165
Create HDR images 168
Example 169
Tone mapping 172
Alignment 174
Fusion exposure 174
Smooth cloning 175
Removal of color 178
Unrealistic display 180
Summary 182

Chapter Seven: Speeding Up Image Processing 183

OpenCV with OpenCL 185 installed
Quick recipe for installing OpenCV with OpenCL 189
Check usage of GPU 190
Speed ​​up your own jobs 191
Check your OpenCL 191
Code explanation 192
The first program based on GPU 193
Explanation of code 195
Real time walking 196
Code explanation 199
Performance 201
Abstract 201
Index 203