FREE E-BOOK Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects

FREE E-BOOK Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects

FREE E-BOOK Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects
FREE E-BOOK Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects

Author(s): Richard Grimmett
Publisher: Packt Publishing - ebooks Account, Year: 2014
ISBN: 184969432X,9781849694322


Create amazing robotic projects with limited budget


Have your projects speak and understand speech with Raspberry Pi.

Use the standard webcam to get your projects to see and enhance your vision capabilities Filled with simple, easy-to-understand tips for presenting Raspberry Pi online to developing robotics projects.


There is no such exciting thing as ordering and receiving a new piece of hardware. However, things can go south quickly, even in the first few minutes. We hope this chapter will help you avoid the pitfalls that usually accompany Raspberry Pi unpacking and configuring.

 We will move through the process, answer many different questions that you may have, and help you understand what is going on. If you cannot read this chapter, you will not be successful with any of the other sections and your devices will become unused, which would be a real tragedy. So let's get started! One of the most challenging aspects of writing this guide was defining the level at which I should describe each step.

Some of you are newbie, others have limited experience, and the rest will know a lot more in certain areas. I will try to be brief but comprehensive, trying to outline the steps for success. So in this chapter, here are our goals: • Uninstalling the board and plugging it in power • Connecting a screen, keyboard, and mouse • Installing and configuring the operating system • Accessing the board remotely


The success of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other processors has fueled a The open source developer community now providing amazing capabilities in At no cost. The constant support of the community makes the production process complicated Robotic projects are something almost anyone with an interest in the region can do.

Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects is an attempt to organize that set of information Make it available to a wide audience of potential robotics developers. I can only hope This will help inspire a new generation that will be as comfortable as robots Generation with personal computers.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, will show you how to power a device Connect Raspberry Pi to a keyboard, mouse, display, and remote computer.

And how to start reaching the potential computing power.

Chapter 2, Raspberry Pi Programming, will help you learn the basics of programming

Raspberry Pi, Python and C programming languages.

Chapter 3, providing speech input and output, will help you teach Raspberry Pi To speak and listen.

Chapter 4 will teach you, adding visibility to Raspberry Pi, using a standard USB Webcam to allow your automated projects to see.

Chapter 5, Creating Mobile Robots on Wheels, will show you how to connect Raspberry Pi to a mobile wheeled platform and control its engines so that Your robots can be mobile.

Chapter 6, making the unit extremely mobile - controlling the movement of the robot with legs, It will show you how to make your robot walk.

Chapter 7, Avoiding Barriers Using Sensors, shows you how to feel the world Around you. Since your robot is now mobile, you will need to avoid or find objects.

Chapter 8, Going Truly Mobile - Your Android Remote Control shows you how to do 

it Control your robot wirelessly as you want your robot to move without restrictions By cables.

Chapter 9, using a GPS receiver to locate your robot, explains how to use GPS The recipient even knows your robot has its location because the robot might get lost if It is a mobile phone.

Chapter 10, System Dynamics,  focuses on how to combine all capabilities From the system to making complex robots.

Chapter 11, by land, sea and air, teaches you how to add capabilities to robots That sail, fly and go under water.

What you need for this book

Below is a partial list of programs you'll need for the book:

• 7-zip: This program is a tool for archiving programs and extracting them from the archive Image Writer for Windows: This program is required to write pictures on it SD card

• WinSCP: This program provides the ability to transfer files to / from a computer

• PuTTY: This program provides the user with remote access to Raspberry Pi

VncServer / VNC Viewer: This program enables the user to remote access to A graphic interface of Raspberry Pi

For whom is this book

If you are interested in using Raspberry Pi to create previously robot projects It was a field of research laboratories in major universities or defense departments, 

This is the book for you. Some programming background is useful, but if you know How to use a personal computer, with the help of step-by-step instructions in this Book, you'll be able to build complex robotic projects that can move, talk, Listen, watch, swim, or shave


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