FREE E-BOOK Raspberry Pi Annual

FREE E-BOOK Raspberry Pi Annual

FREE E-BOOK Raspberry Pi Annual
FREE E-BOOK Raspberry Pi Annual

Author(s): Asadi
Publisher: Imagine Publishing Limited, Year: 2016 

Holy GPIO! Will the evil Dr Bluescreen succeed with her villainous plan, or will The Founders rescue the children of Earth from a fate worse than Excel? Find out in the first ever Raspberry Pi Annual!
This surprise Christmas present for subscribers of The MagPi is “packed with all the great word and picture puzzles you’d expect from any fun-filled annual, but also has a guide on getting started with the Raspberry Pi, as well as lots of fun projects using Scratch, Python, Minecraft, and more,” says Russell Barnes, Raspberry Pi Publishing Director.


Raspberry Pi was first created in 2012 and since then over 10 million units have been sold to children and adults alike. In this book, we'll show you how to set up Pi and run motion tracking and Python.

If you want to create your own Raspberry Pi robots, we have all the educational files you will need. In this magazine ... Everything you need to get the most out of Raspberry Pi 50 ways to master Raspberry Pi - Get the most out of Raspberry Pi with these specialized tricks and tips Electronics for hackers Pi - Create electronic circuits for Pi Controls a robotic arm - Build and climb And Move The Robotic Arm 10 Best Manufacturer's Panels - Check Raspberry Pi Alternatives Also Inside ...

 Pygame Zero Pen Test with Raspberry Pi Add multimedia to your Pi Pi Internet TV to Raspberry Pi Set up a multi-room audio system Check your mail Take photos using the NoIR Pi camera experience with NoIR Pi camera and shoot at night Set with the Docker Swarm Handle OpenGL on Pixel Vision Pixel Globe Multitask with Pi Shoot music in Minecraft with PianoHAT Produce clean water with Raspberry Pi Set up a family calendar Get alerts with the Raspberry Pi baby monitor Motion Tracker with Pi Develop face recognition on your Pi Turn Pi To a router running on an IC2 bus Running a RISC system on Raspberry Pi Providing time-building packages using the disk Create a pHAT explorer Internet robot for LEGO Included in Python C Penetration robot with Pi Mote Tron PiDesk Monitoring Audio Create your circuit diagrams with Fritzing Develop location services on Music box Pi Music Driving RC car Self-driving Hide your web traffic identity with Pi Tor Underwater Pi dr router One Terrarium console C network display Shake sensor with Pimoroni Scroll pHAT gesture-based TV remote control Raspberry Pi plus Arduinos Connect 4 robot turns your Pi into Tor agent with Onion Pi.

The Raspberry Pi Annual 2018 is an educational book full of cartoon, tests and computer code. It's entertaining for children of all ages, and the perfect introduction to The Raspberry Pi - a British-made credit card-sized computer.

  • Start. Prepare Raspberry Pi and use it for the first time
  • Solve the Puzzles. Spot the difference, find the words, mazes and more!
  • Create projects. WhooPi pillow, Santa detector and tree lights
  • Learn programming. Learn as you go with Scratch and Python projects
  • Hack Minecraft. Code with Minecraft on your berries
  • Type a game. Create your own version of Space Invaders!

You can download this book forever for free, but purchasing with numbers and publications supports Raspberry Pi's charitable mission to democratize computing.