FREE E-BOOK Practical Raspberry Pi Projects

FREE E-BOOK Practical Raspberry Pi Projects

FREE E-BOOK Practical Raspberry Pi Projects
FREE E-BOOK Practical Raspberry Pi Projects

Publisher: Imagine Publishing, Year: 2015
ISBN: 1785461028



36 How I made: PiKon

Check out this 3D-printed telescope

38 Build a RasPi-controlled car

Take control of a remote-controlled car

44 How I made: robot arm

Get to grips with a Pi-powered robot arm

46 Make a Raspberry Pi HTPC

Finally create a more powerful machine

48 Make a tweeting wireless

flood sensor

Flood-proof your basement

50 Build a Raspberry

Pi-powered Bigtrak

Control your own all-terrain vehicle

54 How I made: PiPanther

Battle your friends in augmented reality

56 Make a digital

photo frame

Turn your Pi into a beautiful photo frame

60 How I made: Pi Glass

Watch these coders hack video goggles

62 Build a Raspberry Pi

Minecraft console

Create a fully functional games console

68 How I made: Bullet Pi

What happens when you link 48 Pis together?


106 Build a Raspberry Pi car computer
Make your own touchscreen navigator

114 How I made: RasPiViv
Investigate an environmental control system

116 Make a RasPi sampler
Build your own looping drum machine

120 Transform your Pi into a micro oscilloscope
Transform your RasPi with BitScope Micro

124 How I made: Pi Glove 2
Control lights, send texts and more

126 Assemble a Minecraft power move glove
Enhance your game with this cool hack

130 Build a complex LED matrix
Program your own light system

134 Add gesture control to your Raspberry Pi
Easily add touch controls to your projects

138 How I made: Joytone
A new type of electronic keyboard

140 Simulate traffic lights using your breadboard
Try your hand at hardware engineering

142 Program a quadcopter
Take to the skies with this gadget

148 20 Raspberry Pi hacking projects
Repurpose everyday items


72 Supercharge your Pi
Get the most out of your Raspberry Pi

76 Create your own digital assistant, part 1
Tell your computer what to do

78 Create your own digital assistant, part 2
Continue this project by decoding audio

80 Create your own digital assistant, part 3
Run the commands you’re giving your Pi

82 Run science experiments on the Expeyes kit
Make use of this digital oscilloscope

86 Monitor CPU temperature with Dizmo
Access the Internet of Things

90 Forecast the weather with your Raspberry Pi
Prepare yourself for the next big storm

92 Print wirelessly with your Raspberry Pi
Breathe new life into an old printer

94 Remotely control your Raspberry Pi
Employ your Pi as a media centre

96 Turn your Pi into a motion sensor with SimpleCV
Implement facial recognition into your Pi

98 Code a simple synthesiser
Write a simple synthesiser using Python