FREE E-BOOK Make Games with Python

FREE E-BOOK Make Games with Python Raspbeery Pi

FREE E-BOOK Make Games with Python Raspbeery Pi
FREE E-BOOK Make Games with Python Raspbeery Pi

Author(s): Sean M. Tracey
Series: The MagPi Essentials
Publisher: Raspberry Pi, Year: 2016


Make Games with Python consists of ten chapters that take you on a quick tour of Pygame's gaming capabilities. The book helps you learn basic Python skills like menus, dictionaries, chapters and more.
While countless millions of us take great pleasure spending hours racking up high scores in our favourite games, few of us are ever exposed to the delights of making them in the first place. It’s far from easy, but learning to code your own shoot-’em-up is infinitely more satisfying than beating any end-of-level boss.

 Although this book is designed to help you learn many of the essential skills you’ll need to make games with Python and Pygame on your Raspberry Pi, it’s by no means definitive. Frankly, you could read a dozen books on the subject and still not have the skills you need to succeed. As with most things, nothing replaces good old-fashioned practice. I should know: I have 30 cookery books lining my shelf and I still burnt my toast this morning. Making games is a brilliant way to learn to code, though, so I hope this book helps you to get started on your next big adventure.


In this book, we will learn how to make games on Raspberry Pi with Pygame. 
We'll look at the drawing, the animation, Keyboard, mouse, sound and physics controls. 
All The class will add to our knowledge of developing Raspberry Pi, Allowing us to understand the games we play and create almost Anything our imagination can bring.

This book is not intended for beginners in programming, but it is not Away from that: We'll assume you wrote a few simple things Python programs (or similar) in the past, able to do things like Create files and beat your Pi file system without much

If you haven't set up your Pi and you get lost a little how to do it To do this, there are a lot of easy-to-follow guides on the web which It will help you reach the speed. You can direct your web browser to to get started.

In the first chapter, we will look at drawing and coloring Various shapes in the window. 
This is not Grand Theft Auto V, Admittedly, drawing shapes is only the first step in building About what.

To start, open your favorite text editor, create a new file, enter Next code in it and save it as Let's run this code And see what he does. In the terminal window, enter python hello.

Preparatory Year. If everything goes well, a new window opens showing you Red square on a black background in the upper-left corner of the window.
We just created our first Pygame: let's review it.

Understanding The first two lines of our first program are very simple: everything we've done Python was told that we wanted to use Pygame. Import all Pygame Of the Pygame code in our text, so we don't have to write all of that
Coding ourselves. Pygame is designed to make games and build Easy interactive program. Pygame.init () tells Pygame that we are Willing to start using it