FREE E-BOOK Learn to code with Scratch Raspberry pi

FREE E-BOOK Learn to code with Scratch Raspberry pi

FREE E-BOOK Learn to code with Scratch Raspberry pi
FREE E-BOOK Learn to code with Scratch Raspberry pi


Learn programming on Raspberry Pi with the world's leading visual programming language and the team behind the official Raspberry Pi magazine.

Content of the problem:

Learn programming on Raspberry Pi through 13 chapters filled with jam:

Master the different types of blocks

Create animations and add interactive elements

Build games and apps first

Create and control electronic circuits

Understand each block

And much much much more!

Issue Content:

Learn to program on your Raspberry Pi through 13 jam-packed chapters:
Mast the different block types Create animations & add interactive elements Build your first games and applications Make and control electronic circuits Understand every block and much, much more!

The coding should not be related to writing only In line after line from gobbledygook. 
Created By boffins at MIT, lets scratch Anyone - children and adults alike - to start Programming in minutes, without any precedent Knowledge. 
You can simply drag and drop a different icon Blocks and link them together like jigsaw pieces To form logical scripts, without being hindered by confusing Common and difficult language. Better yet, it is zero Included as a standard in Raspbian Operating System for the Raspberry Pi mini computer. Could It can even be used with Pi GPIO pins to interact With electronic components and sensors. 
In this book, we will help you start programming with Scratch, guides you step by step through The process of creating all kinds of projects: games, Animation, quizzes, online circuits, and more.
It will be educational as well as a lot of fun.

Get other things moving with Scratch! Within minutes, you can Build your first program to move the cat scratch around Screen with up, down, left and right cursor keys. when You will learn more later, you will be able to develop this simple program Artistic package with a cat like a pen, a toy (where should the cat Go?), Or anything else that needs a keyboard movement. Like Working during this chapter, you will learn how to be a scratch screen Carved, so you can easily find what you need while building the other Projects in this book.

If you want to write your own games or start building your own games Electronics projects, Scratch is the perfect place to start.

Its simplicity comes from the way you select orders from the menu And tie them together like a saw cut. Because Scratch comes with it A collection of pictures and sounds, you can start creating your first pictures Program in minutes.

The power of Scratch comes from the many creative methods that you use You can combine commands to create your own program.

Find your way around here

The screen is divided into a number of shaded parts on our site Diagram on the previous pages.
The pictures that you can control are called scratch goblins.
Could you Get them moving, draw on the screen, respond to clicks, change Appearance, and interact with each other. It might be a space game Alien Elf, Spaceship Elf, and Rocket Elf
for example.
Many projects contain more than one sprite, and you can choose from By clicking on it in the list of animated icons, in the bottom left. Each The new Scratch project includes a scratch cat.

When you test your program, you'll see your patterns on stage, On the top right of the screen. Your games are more fun when They fill the screen, so when you're ready to play correctly,
Click the swatch icon on the right above the stage to zoom in. To make goblins do something, you must give them Instructions tell them exactly what to do and when. Those
Instructions come in blocks that come together. The blocks
It is classified into eight categories:

Movement: used to move sprites around the stage.
Sounds: used to animate motifs, give them speech bubbles,
And change its size and appearance.
Sound: used to play recordings or musical notes.
Pen: used for drawing while a pattern is moving around the stage. Great
To make random art and special effects in games.
Control: used to describe what happens when and to make parts
Repeat your program.
Sensing: Used to test whether your pattern is touching another pattern
Or another color, or to get information about other animated patterns.
You can also use sensor value blocks yourself
Electronics projects on Raspberry Pi.
Operators: Used for math operations, random numbers, and text.
There are also blocks here to merge the blocks used
In decision making.
Variables: used to remember information, such as grades and timers

Values ​​or player names.