FREE E-BOOK Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 3

FREE E-BOOK Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 3

FREE E-BOOK Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 3
FREE E-BOOK Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 3


TAB Electronics, 2016.- 133 pp, English, PDF, 7,1 MB.
Raspberry Pi 3 model B is a new Raspberry Pi board that includes WiFi and Bluetooth modules. This book helps you get started with Raspberry Pi 3.
The following are the most prominent topics in this book:
* Introduction to Raspberry Pi 3
* Operating System
* Run and run
* Networking: Wired and Wi-Fi
* Raspberry Pi programming
* Work with Bluetooth and iBeacon
* Deploy the LAMP stack
* Access to GPIO

* Raspberry Pi 3 serial patch


This book was written to help anyone want to get started on Raspberry Pi 3
Describes all the essential elements of Raspberry Pi 3 with a step-by-step approach

Raspberry Pi is a low-cost credit card size computer that connects to a computer Screen or TV, uses a standard keyboard and mouse (Source:

The latest Broadcom 2837 ARMv8 64-bit processor is built on the new generation of Raspberry
Pi 3 Model B is faster and stronger than its predecessors.
 It has improved strength Management to support more and more powerful external USB devices for clients Feedback-based development Raspberry Pi 3 now comes with built-in wireless and Bluetooth connection.

Below are the technical specifications of the Raspberry Pi 3: Broadcom BCM2837 64bit ARMv8 Quad Core Powered Single Panel A computer running at a speed of 1.2 GHz 1 GB RAM BCM43143 Wi-Fi on board Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on board 40pin GPIO extension 4 USB2 ports 4 Output stereo pole and composite video portFull size HDMI CSI port to connect Raspberry Pi DSI screen port to connect Raspberry Pi touch screen MicroSD port to load your operating system and store data Improved and improved Micro USB power source (now supports up to 2.4A) Same form factor as Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, but the LEDs will change position

Table of Contents



1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi 3

1.1 Raspberry Pi 3

1.2 Getting Hardware

1.3 Unboxing

2. Operating System

2.1 Raspberry Pi 3 Operating System

2.2 Preparation

2.2.1 Setup MicroSD Card

3. Powering Up and Running

3.1 Put Them All!

3.2 Expanding File System

3.3 Configure Timezone

3.4 Configure Keyboard

3.5 Rebooting

3.6 Shutdown

3.7 Change Password

3.8 Configure All Settings

4. Connecting to a Network

4.1 Getting Started

4.2 Attaching a Network Module

4.3 Connecting to a Network

4.3.1 Connecting a Network via Ethernet

4.3.2 Connecting a Network via WiFi

4.4 Auto Connect to WiFi

4.5 Configuring Static IP Address

4.6 Browsing Internet

4.7 SSH

4.8 Update Package Repository

4.9 Upgrading Package and Firmware

4.10 Remote Desktop

5. Raspberry Pi Programming

5.1 Getting Started

5.2 Python

5.3 C/C++

5.4 Node.js

5.5 Scratch

5.6 Wolfram Mathematica

5.7 Java

6. Working with Bluetooth and iBeacon

6.1 Getting Started

6.2 Setting up Bluetooth

6.3 Ping Bluetooth

6.4 Working with Blueman Bluetooth Manager

6.4.1 Setting up

6.4.2 Pairing

6.4.3 Transferring File

6.5 Building your own iBeacon

7. Deploying LAMP Stack

7.1 Getting Started

7.2 Installing Apache Server

7.3 Installing MySQL

7.4 Installing PHP and MySQL Driver for PHP

7.5 Testing PHP

7.6 Testing PHP and MySQL

8. Accessing GPIO

8.1 Introduction to GPIO

8.2 Accessing GPIO

8.3 Demo

8.4 Further Reading

9. Raspberry Pi 3 Serial Debugging

9.1 Preparation

9.2 Enabling Serial Debugging

9.3 Wiring

9.4 Testing