Free Book Arduino Electronics Blueprints: Make common electronic devices

Free Book Arduino Electronics Blueprints: Make common electronic devices 

Arduino Electronics Blueprints: Make common electronic devices interact with an Arduino board
Free Book Arduino Electronics Blueprints: Make common electronic devices 

Arduino Electronics Blueprints: Make frequent electronic units have interaction with an Arduino board to construct wonderful out-of-the-box projects

Author (s): Don Wilcher

Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2015

ISBN: 978-1-78439-360-1


I first bought Arduino, and now you are wondering about the project To build with it. 
There are hundreds of websites with a variety of websites Tools and hardware to build, but research and selection can be the first project overwhelming. Besides building great Arduino tools, some are from the site Projects leave how electronics and code work with programming
Prototyping platform. Also, projects on the web do not provide additional Challenges to test your new Maker skills as well.

The Arduino Electronics Diagram Book has been written to address the mentioned concerns Its easy to use and educational format. Each chapter in the book begins with Either a historical reference for electronic discoveries or a brief discussion of the present Technologies used in contemporary consumer, recreational or industrial products.

The book is designed to show you how to build great electronics with Parts in lab boxes or trash cans. Also, new raw materials like LittleBits electronic units and Elenco SNAP circuit groups are introduced to readers Okay.

 New and exciting raw materials presented allow us to build quickly Arduino target device discussed in some chapters of the book. To help readers at Building interesting Arduino projects, a list of parts for electronic components is included in Each chapter of the book. 

Detailed circuit diagrams, wires and arduino An icon is provided in each chapter. Also, the basic circuit theory and arduino symbol Explanations are provided in each project chapter as well. To conclude the chapter, DIY challenge is offered, so readers can explore additional initial themes In their new product designs. I enjoyed designing, building and testing each one Chapter project We hope that Arduino Electronics readers will find blueprints Projects to be fun and entertaining as well.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, The Sound Effects Machine, will teach the reader how to build an Arduino
Machine sound effects using SD module, digital logic switches, transistor amplifier Amplifier and .wav files.  The reader will also learn how to add a random function Arrange to automatically play different sounds without using the numeric logic keys.

Chapter Two, Programmable DC Motor Controller With LCD Display, Reader Explains How To Do It Build an Arduino programmable console to operate small DC motors. 
Also to help In operating the programmable console, the reader will learn how to add liquid
Electronic crystal screen (LCD) as well.

Chapter 3, Speaking Logic Probe, explains an online tool you're talking about The reader can build a microcontroller test and digital circuit. Also, the reader will Learn how to connect an Arduino to an EMIC 2 (text-to-speech) module and program Using special character codes.

Chapter four, the human machine interface, the human machine interface used in Industrial controls to operate electromechanical devices such as motors Discussed in this chapter. The reader will also learn how to build HMI with Arduino, a virtual server and JavaScript to control a small DC drive.

Chapter 5, the infrared remote control test, allows the reader to learn how to build a test
A device to check the operation of any infrared remote control. 

Also, the reader will learn Convert infrared detectors and digital codes with this electronic laboratory.
Chapter 6, a simple chat device with an LCD screen, will teach the reader how to send text
Messages to Arduino using a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device and a device Android smartphone. 
Also, the RedBearLabs BLE Arduino shield is used for transmission You will receive the reader and receive text messages in this chapter.

Chapter 7, the Bluetooth Low Energy Controller, will show the reader how to send BLE control signals to Arduino using the BLE's RedBearLabs shield Android smartphone to control DC motor. Also, the LED display has seven parts The electrical process will be discussed with the letters worked BLE control.

Chapter 8 explores capacitive touch sensor and a simple DC drive controller Arduino IC capacitive touch sensor and 555 timer. The reader will Learn the basic process of 555 timer by building a touch that supports Arduino Sensor controller.

Chapter 9 introduces the Arduino-SNAP Radio Circuit AM, Elenco SNAP reader Several circuits by building AM radio. Also, the reader will learn how to operate AM Radio with RedBearLab BLE Shield and an Android smartphone. Chapter 10, Arduino Scrolling Marquee, discusses the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) Technology by building an Arduino-based scroll marquee. Also, the reader will Learn to use any handheld infrared remote to control the scroll's effect OLED Marquee.