Free Book Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Advances in Artificial Intelligence 

Free Book Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Free Book Advances in Artificial Intelligence 


This book constitutes the referees of the Seventeenth Brazilian Symposium on Artificial Intelligence SBIA 2004, held in São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil in September / October 2004, and 54 carefully revised full papers were selected and selected from among 208 applications from 21 countries. The papers are organized into thematic sections on logic, planning, and theoretical methods. Research, logic and uncertainty; Representation of knowledge and ontology; Natural language processing; Machine learning, knowledge discovery and data mining; Evolutionary computing, artificial life, and hybrid systems; Robots and seeing the compiler; Independent agents and multi-agent systems.


SBIA, the Brazilian Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, is held every two years with the aim of becoming the main forum for the AI ​​community in Brazil. SBIA 2004 was the seventeenth edition of the series that started in 1984.

Since 1995, SBIA has only accepted written papers presented in English, and attracts researchers from all over the world.

At that time, she also started getting an international program committee, invited the keynote speakers, and the procedures published in a series of LNAI lectures from the Springer Series (SBIA 1995, Vol. 991, SBIA 1996, Vol. 1159 SBIA 1998 Volume 1515 , SBIA 2000, Vol. 952, SBIA 2002, Vol. 2507). SBIA 2004 was sponsored by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). Held from September 29 to October 1 in Sao Luis, northeastern Brazil, along with the Brazilian Symposium on Neural Networks (SBRN), I followed a trend to join the AI ​​and ANN communities to make a very exciting joint event. In particular, these two events were also held in 2004 with the IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning and Signal Processing (MMLP), formerly known as NNLP.

The organizational structure of SBIA 2004 was similar to other international scientific conferences. The backbone of the conference was the technical program that was supplemented by invited talks, workshops, etc. on major AI topics, and the invitation to submit papers attracted 209 submissions from 21 countries.
Each paper presented to SBIA was reviewed by three judges. Of this total, 54 papers from 10 countries were accepted and included in this volume. This made SBIA a very competitive conference with an acceptance rate of 25.8%. The evaluation of several papers was a challenge in terms of reviewing and maintaining the high quality of previous SBIA conferences. All of these goals would not have been possible had it not been for the excellent work of the Program Committee members - consisting of 80 researchers from 18 countries - and the reviewers.

Consequently, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who helped achieve the SBIA 2004. First of all, we thank all the contributing authors. Special thanks to the program committee members and reviewers for their careful work in selecting the best papers. Thank you also to the steering committee for its guidance and support, members of the local organization, students who helped design and maintain the site, the paperwork site, and in preparing this volume. Finally, we would like to thank Brazilian funding agencies and Springer for their support in this book.

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